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Since 2011, Medylink has been offering the best medical screening devices, gathered together in a digital medical network.

This allows the company to be the master of its patient care pathway, via a medical collaboration web platform that’s both accessible and secure, allowing for sharing and coordination:

  • Expertise
  • Skills
  • Medical records
  • Patient follow-up

Cardiology, Pulmonology, ENT, Dermatology, Aesthetics, Sleep Disorders. With the Medylink platform, you have access to all the very best screening tools available.

Today, the network already consists of 500 general practitioners and 16,000 patient records.

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An automatic visual alert system in the event of a fall, available for individuals as well as institutions on site.

By incorporating an optical sensor with software, VA2CS is able to detect any kind of fall or loss of consciousness.

VA2CS is a real technological breakthrough because it is 100% reliable (via image-capture) and predictive (via AI and machine learning).  Thus, it surpasses all current systems. This IoT innovation captures 100% of every type of fall, 24/7 while respecting client privacy, and at a reasonable cost.

The first alert is issued within 10 seconds of a fall.

This innovation, patented internationally, is designed and made in France. To date, there are 1500 sensors in use and no undetected falls.

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Drugs conceived by genomics, for precision oncology.

The exponential advances in genotyping and sequencing technologies have enabled many cancer patients to benefit from precision oncology.

Unfortunately, the aggregation, analysis and visualization of the mass of raw data remains a challenge to solve for precision oncology.

Thanks to advances in technology, data science and its Paris-based R&D, the company has been offering algorithms since 2019, making it possible to extract and exploit epigenomic data that has become ever more copious and disordered.

Today, the Company is active in Boston and Paris, and is followed by prestigious partner programs of the American and French scientific entrepreneurship ecosystems 

Founded in 2015, Lifen is building a secured messaging platform streamlining communication between any practitioner and any hospital.

Thanks to Lifen, doctors can seamlessly share medical reports with peers or hospitals through the app. Their technology automatically extracts the data from raw medical documents and selects the appropriate communication channel (in-app, letter, email) to send the document. 

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Founded in 2015, Sym is challenging the traditional industry with an innovative system of "clipping" standardized lenses onto interchangeable frames. This is a radical innovation in operations.

Sym rethinks the classic buying experience by offering its models Online (Cdiscount) or Offline via the supermarket or pharmacy. The objective is to accelerate the process of obtaining eyeglasses by the customer while offering a very competitive price-quality ratio.

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Founded in 2016, Sancare is a start-up company specialising in Machine Learning applied to hospital data.

Thanks to Sancare tools, hospitals and clinics can automate and optimize the invoicing process for patient stays with the Health Insurance.

Sancare allows hospitals to reduce their costs on administrative tasks and increase their income by invoicing their activity in a more exhaustive way.

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