Our investment

Innovation that serves the vulnerable, their path to health, and their carers  

Anticipating the best care solution

  • Diagnostic support
  • Simplification of medical appointments and follow-ups
  • Transportation
  • Intermediary investment in solution tailored to needs
  • Telemedicine - remote evaluation
  • Shared medical records
  • Medical and hospital software
  • Medical solutions
  • Help for medical staff
  • Artificial intelligence and data serving new forms of treatment


Securing proper follow-up and well-being

  • Risk prevention
  • Medical follow-up
  • Pain management
  • Home support and personal services, further strengthened by the Internet of Things and monitored surveillance
  • Inpatient and outpatient care, medication and follow-up
  • Facilitating access to medicines

We're looking for game-changers

They answer the pressing need for the revitalisation of a mature and vital sector. We recognise all the aspects of entrepreneurial life, its support needs in strategic decision-making, financing requirements, human resources and opening new markets.

The Majycc team possesses this entrepreneurial experience in new technologies, health and start-up financing.






We are with those who dare, who strive to go further, and to change the things that need changing.

The health market is evolving, and we are working with those who know how to bring new stimulus and to be game-changers.

Tomorrow’s healthcare will be hyper-targeted thanks to data science, online and offline thanks to the Internet of Things, collaborative thanks to web platforms, secured by blockchain technology and even preventive thanks to the knowledge gained through its tools.

We want to be an unrivalled investor 

Business experience and a versatile network: a twofold "smart money" investment.

The Majycc asset :
Why aren't we just a financial investor, but also a partner that offers pratical expertise ?

Through our digital and entrepreneurial expertise, we understand and anticipate tomorrow's challenges.




Thus we are able to offer strategic and technical support. 

We enter the game from the very earliest start-up stage, when tomorrow’s game-changer is still either at the Seed or Series A stage of financing.

We are high-risk early-stage investors because we want to invest in the long term, alongside entrepreneurs. We want to offer a broad horizon of growth, strong support and advice for optimizing subsequent fundraising.

The parent company SRS

€800 million in investment and a single network.

Beyond mere monetary commitments, SRS is above all a health operator with more than 35 cumulative years of experience.

Investments are made at Seed, “Series A” and "Series B” funding rounds.

A highly esteemed pioneer in the medical-social welfare sector, SRS is uniquely placed as a key leader in healthcare and business, recognized for the diversity of its skills and the quality of its network.

We combine the strength and the network of SRS with Majycc's impetus and financial expertise in health and new technologies.


Founded in 1983, its core business is in retirement homes, senior residences and home care. DomusVi is a major player in the nursing homes sector in France and Spain.

The leader in Spain and third in France, the group specialises in housing and services for people enfeebled by old age and/or illness. With 30,000 employees and 55,000 customers, it is also established in Portugal and South America.


A major MCO player in France, the group was founded in 2007 and is a multi-regional key player in the private clinic sector. With 35 facilities, Almaviva Santé is ranked fifth for medical excellence by French health professionals, and first by patients.

As a renowned leading player, the firm brings together all the medical and surgical disciplines: surgery, gynaecology-obstetrics, medicine, dialysis, follow-up care and rehabilitation, and home hospitalization.


Created in the 1990s by Dr. Gérard Sitbon, MAPAD Santé Group operates five nursing home: three operating companies in the 18th arrondissement  of Paris and two property companies in Courbevoie and Putaux.


Created in 1988, Emera is the 7th biggest operator of nursing homes in France. Positioned at the high end, the group has 60 establishments in France and the rest of Europe, including Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.

Majority participations of SRS

Sedna  Health Group

Founded in 1992, the Sedna Health Group is one of the leaders in Quebec in the administration and delivery of long-term care and accommodation services in its 23 facilities. 

Expert in the care of the elderly, the group is active in the following areas: 

  • Private long-term care under contract
  • Private residential care and support resources
  • Specialized rehabilitation services
  • Nursing care and assistance

Sedna France  

Founded in 2010, this group of nursing homes on a human scale can be found in six French regions. There are 17 residences specialising in the round the clock care of the elderly and the dependent.

In 2018, Sedna France acquired 10 nursing homes from DomusVi.

Ardour Thermal Baths

The merger that took place in 2013 brought two medical spa groups together under one umbrella:

  1. Les Thermes des Arènes, the third largest facility in the city of Dax (1 establishment)
  2. Les Thermes Adour, the leading spa in Dax (5 thermal establishments, 3 hotels, 2 residences, 1 campsite and 1 immersion treatment center)

The history of this leading hydrotherapy group dates back to the early 1960s with the discovery of a thermal hotspring and the creation of the baths.

Today, it offers comprehensive care to 26,000 patients annually.

GSP Property

A real estate portfolio operated by DomusVi and Sedna France, La Foncière GSP owns the buildings of 19 nursing homes and 2 home care establishments throughout France.

Today, Foncière manages 21 real estate assets representing 75 000 m² and €13 million in rent in 2018.