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We're helping entrepreneurs
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We are a venture capital investment company.

We are committed to helping the entrepreneurs who want to be the architects of tomorrow's healthcare.

Our approach is sustainable and our driving force is above all the desire to support and nurture the development of companies that want to give new meaning to health.

Our roots are bound to the DNA of SRS, our main investor: entrepreneurship, health and human values, respect for the corporate culture and projects of the women and men who build them.


Data science, artificial intelligence, web platforms, the Internet of Things, telemedicine, e-collaboration: The omnipresent digital realm provides carers and patients in care a safe, fast and personalized response, at lower cost.

Our digital expertise means we understand how start-ups contribute to transforming our healthcare businesses and to put this expertise and our digital network (marketing, sales, HR) at the service of our portfolio companies.


Our aim is to optimize care, promote fitness and foster research. Health has been our job for 35 years. We are an offshoot of SRS -- Sagesse-Retraite-Santé (Wisdom, Retirement, Health), whose founder, Yves Journel, is recognized as a key player in the health and medical-social sectors, with an emphasis on service provision.

Our professional insight and health network are hence second to none.

Who are we ?

A force for action in healthcare

e-Health is defined by the WHO as : "digital services for the well-being of the person". Yet, despite this hopeful definition, the reality is more alarming and there are many challenges to be faced.

Care initiatives as we know them can be circuitous, time-consuming and expensive. France is characterized by unequal access to care, even as its population ages. As a result, urban areas are experiencing a concentration of available healthcare, leading to the congestion of emergency centres, while rural areas suffer a scarcity of care, virtually leading to medical wastelands.

The hyper-targeting of care, the fight against chronic disease, prevention and service: today, technology, data systems and the ingenuity of entrepreneurs sensitive to the care of French people are all bringing innovative solutions, building the health of tomorrow.

Now is therefore the time to commit to this change and to support its architects, bringing new answers to future expectations in new ways.

We want to anticipate the upheavals in our field.

We are a catalyst for growth, focused on the entrepreneurs and investors who are crafting tomorrow's healthcare. We want to be a sustainable player in the new medicine, which we regard as both digital and human.

Our desire is to reconcile the practices of care and prevention with new technologies, to create sustainable value, and to contribute to the development of the companies in which we invest.

Thus, our aim is to improve the daily  life of the most vulnerable, the elderly, the disabled and their caregivers via the Internet of Things, as well as the optimization of care pathways and medical care. 

Promoting the evolution of medical treatment towards preventive, personalized and participative healthcare. 

We wish to anticipate the upheavals caused by new technologies in our businesses and support the creation of value of fledgling e-Health organisations which are helping the vulnerable (through illness, age, or disability), their relatives and caregivers.

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